diSPIM Movie Gallery

We have constructed a dual-view selective plane illumination microscope (diSPIM) in the lab to image and track the transport dynamics of viral RNA and host proteins in live cells during a productive infection. We are always updating our system, so check back often for updates.

Here is what we are currently analyzing:












Here is a glimpse into our image pipeline (A549 cells Rab11A-GFP tagged):

Visualization of influenza viral RNA transport in MDCK cell using WSN PA-eGFP virus. Taken on iSPIM, developed by Dr. Hari Shroff (NIBIB), 2 seconds per cell volume with continuous imaging for 30 min at 16 hours post infection. Published in Lakdawala et al PLoS Pathogens 2011.

Spread of influenza viral infection using WSN PA-eGFP virus in MDCK cells using confocal microscopy for 16 hours, one volume every 10 min.